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Viva FL Stone



As part of our FL Stone Collection the 'Viva' Pot is created utilising Olde World Techniques in Cast Stone.

 Our Potters Combine Crushed Rock , Stone,  and Cement which is then poured into a Large Flat Bed Cast.

Whilst the Stone Mixture is in the process of setting it is Aerated throughout until Air Bubbles appear on the Surface of the Cast creating an almost 'Volcanic Rock' slab of Lightweight Stone.

When completely dry the Slab of Stone is broken into Hundreds of smaller 'Pebble' like Pieces, whilst remaining in it's Cast and then  piece by piece attatched to the outside of the Pot like a 'Jigsaw' Puzzle.

*The result is an Intricate and Impressive Hand Crafted work of Art.

*Available in two sizes:

35 x 35 x 100cm

35 x 35 x 60cm


  • Length: 35cm
  • Width: 35cm
  • Height: 100cm