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A Grade Teak

Teak is considered to be the best wood to use for outdoor furniture because it is an immensely stable timber that has high oil content, a natural water repellent that is virtually immune to rotting and termites.

A tropical climate timber, naturally resistant to the elements, teak is a tall, sturdy, evergreen tree indigenous to South eastern Asia. Indonesian Teakwood, the favourite among shipbuilders in centuries past for its durability, is a light-grained hardwood which is impervious to the constant salty wind and water, withering sunlight, and lashing rains of the untamed seas.


A grade teak comes from the centre of the teak tree. It is far more stable and durable that other grades of teak. A grade teak is far more beautiful to look at and will last a lot longer. A grade teak outside and untreated has a life expectancy of 75 years.